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Glynes Fester

Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Goal Setting, and Planning for a Purposeful Life.

R500 p/hour

Book 5 sessions and get 10% discount

Added to that you will get a “complimentary yoga detox session” with our fitness experts DSA

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About Me

I have over 30 years’ experience in the Corporate world more than half of which have been in Management/ Leadership roles. I am a Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Life Coach. I have a B. Com in Communication from University of Johannesburg, MAP from Wits Business School, Train-the-Trainer Certificate from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I have done various other courses and have applied all learning practically in the workplace.
I have been actively involved in Coaching, Mentoring and Leading people and I am passionate about the growth and development of people.
During my time in the Corporate world I have seen organisations struggle with People Engagement, Innovation, and Creative Thinking to be agile in a fast paced and ever-changing business landscape.
I asked myself a few critical questions – Why is it such a struggle and is there something that can be done to make this easier? How do we get individuals interested, passionate, team players and actively involved in the growth of the company and themselves? What can we do to address the societal challenges we are facing in our country today and beyond?
And so, my company, Forward Thinking Institute (Pty) Ltd was born.
Our vision is to invest in people and mould forward thinking individuals and teams.
Our mission is to take individuals from employment to long term career, to take up their rightful place in the workplace and society, to boldly move forward without fear, making a positive difference with every interaction.

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making a positive difference with every interaction

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