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IT Niche Recruitment

Rubik’s Cubed Consulting is a niche agency that prides itself with an impressive database of IT specialists and professionals.

We as niche recruiters know our clients and have a vested interest in making successful hires.

But before we can get into our niche lets explain why its beneficial to use a NICHE AGENCY!!!

Niche recruitment agencies are a bit like specialist and boutique shops. We specialise, we don’t try to cater for everyone; and we know our market and deliver a superior service to our clients. While a supermarket may sell meat amongst thousands of other products, only a butchers will offer you a bespoke service and be able to source exactly what you want. So to with a niche recruitment agency.

In our case we specialise in IT Recruitment. This means we really know our markets and can offer a bespoke service to both our clients and our candidates. As a niche recruitment agency, our aim is to fill your specialist requirements, and for job hunters find “a suitable position in employment”.

The benefits of using a niche recruitment agency So what makes a niche recruitment agency special, what gives us the edge over the supermarket version of a recruitment agency?


  • When you get in touch with us looking to fill a vacancy or find a new job, we understand what you’re talking about. We know the job title and functions: how many recruitment consultants at non-specialist agencies will know what a Murex Datamart Developer actually does?
  • Not only that we can already think of a number clients who might require your services, or candidates who can fill this role. Our knowledge of the industry and extensive contacts based around the world means we are able to match candidates not just on their skills, experience and qualifications; but also on whether they make the best fit for both candidate and client.

For example: We know that different companies have various cultures and having the technical skills is not always enough, fitting into the company culture is just as IMPORTANT to make it a long lasting engagement.


  • Niche recruiters are not purely motivated by filling vacancies; we are also interested in building long term relationships with our clients and candidates.
  • Repeat business is what drives us, fulfilling your recruitment needs as your company grows, reacting to industry trends, and market forces.
  • We follow our candidate’s careers closely, making sure that we are in the right place to find them new opportunities when they’re ready to move on.
  • We also tap into the passive recruitment market, candidates who are not actively looking for new roles but might be interested if the opportunity is right.

For example:

  • Many of the candidates and Consultants we work with do not put their CV out on job boards as they know working directly with us we can speak with all the relevant clients that their skill set would be suitable for.
  • If you have a position that requires a specialist skill (maybe Financial software package) that only a few people in the market have knowledge of (Nationally or Internationally), we know which companies will have staff with these skills and can target these candidates.


  • Because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry, our extensive industry contacts and reputation; niche recruitment agencies have access to many more specialist vacancies than a general.
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