I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DOBecause you don't lack direction you just lack insight

We assist graduates and seasoned candidates in finding their way. We offer advice, one on one sessions with a career coach as well as updates in your niche field to help you get to where you want to be.

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I'M LOOKING FOR A NEW JOBMatching Candidates to the right job opportunities is what we do best

Let us assist you in getting your resume top of the pile, putting not only your best foot, but your best resume forward. 

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I WANT TO ADVANCE IN MY JOBBecause Life doesn't stop when you land the job

Together with one of our consultants or trained mentors we can help you develop your current skills and advance in your career. As a candidate you need to be marketable and constantly develop your skill set, we help you achieve the goals and take you and your career to the next level.  

LETS WORK TOGETHERBecause a partner is better than a service provider

Candidates and clients, we know the hardest part is getting started, but the best part is the offer!

We are more than just a recruitment agency, we are a Career Centre that assists graduates to seasoned employees in finding the right career path by developing themselves further. Our candidates engage in ongoing self-development and career advancement programs to continuously improve their skill-set and personal branding which makes them more marketable in the industry.

We aim to find the right career fit for our candidates! The clients we partner with in our recruitment centre are clients whom we engage with on a regular basis. We take the time to understand their businesses and culture.

Our niche areas of expertise is within the Financial Services, Information Technology, Project Management. Due to our close relationships with a select amount of key clients our feedback to our candidates and turnaround time from qualifying the spec to offer can be closed
in a matter of weeks! Our development of woman in the workplace and their positioning thereof is what makes us not just an your typical agency!

We interview young female leaders monthly to encourage woman in the workplace to pursue their goals and aim higher thus leaving their mark in many male dominated industries or creating new pathways for young female leaders to follow!

Our goal is simple, yet effective we create career pathways to get you to where you want to be!

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